Shifa: Ashab E Kahaf

These names have been narrated and mentioned by Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (RA) in MUJAM TABRANI

Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (RA) has narrated that there are numerous benefits in these names, some of which are mentioned below:

  • If put under the pillow of a child who continuously cries, InshaAllah the child will stop crying.
  • If buried in the fields or agriculture/crops there will be Barkat (prosperity) in its growth.
  • If one suffers with headache, tie on the right hand or right thigh, pain will ease InshaAllah.
  • If tied on the left thigh whilst in labour pains, InshaAllah the mother will give birth to the child easily.

These names are also beneficial for:

  • For Protection of wealth and life
  • Safety at the time of journey in the sea
  • If a house is not being sold, stick the names on the house window, InshaAllah house will be sold.
  • If there are insects or marmites in the house, stick the names on the house wall to get rid of them.