2022 & 2023

300 Cataract Operations and 900 Dialysis Sessions took place in Zainab Memorial Hospital, Surat, India on Wednesday 1st February 2023

101 Couples got married in Limbayat, Surat, India on Tuesday 31st January 2023

69 Couples got married in Malegaon, Maharashtra , India on Monday 30th January 2023













Free Medical Camps were established for the flood victims in Pakistan, 2022

Six shelter homes were made to accommodate six families in village Raban Dino Khorkhani, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan 2022

20 families with a population of 157 (63 children, 45 females and 49 males) were provided with shelter by delivering each family a waterproof tent and other basic necessities in Pakistan 2022

£5000 was donated to East Lancashire Hospice

100 Qurans were distributed in Pakistan, 2022

18,000 exercise books were distributed in 13 schools to kids living in slums & less privileged kids in Limbayat, Surat, India.

Groceries, Torch Lights, Mugs, Blankets, Bedsheets and Pillows were distributed to needy families in Aaliya Bet, Gujarat on Tuesday 30th November 2021.