Assalamulaikum WRW

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Welcoming you to my all new website once again. Now that you have made it here, I would like you to relax and enjoy your stay. Here you will find peace and knowledge that will enlighten your journey and insha’allah gain knowledge to please the Almighty Allah.It gives me great happiness to see you here and invite you to benefit from the articles, speeches and general information on Islam. In return I would like you to make duaa for the Muslim Ummah and myself that Allah guides us all and grant us the highest place in Paradise.

As you may understand that we have a busy life in this part of the world, I will try my upmost best to update and provide you with information on this site. I would urge you to be patient and feel free to make any comments on how to improve this site. You are also welcome to join my regular speeches at my local mosque Masjid E Anisul Islam, Troy St, Blackburn.

Once again, Jazakumullah for your kindĀ visit.

Mufti Mohammad AliĀ Falahi